Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Don Moyer

Recently, a friend posted a picture on facebook of some "traditionally styled monster themed dishes," and I immediately loved them.  They are called Calamityware, and are created by artist Don Moyer.
Giant Robot, $42
They are a fun twist on the traditional "Willow Pattern" that has been popular for well almost 300 years.  The original willow pattern was popularized in England, and even had a story created about the picture- two young people fall in love, but because the young man is not of the same social status as the girl, her father refuses to grant permission to marry and instead arranges for her to marry a rich old duke.  The young couple devise a scheme, steal some jewels, and escape together, on the duke's ship, to an island.  They live for many years in a small house beside a willow tree, until the duke, seeking revenge, finds and kills them both.
Calamityware takes the traditional patter and injects a little fun and whimsy into it with the addition of some kind of monster; in the plate above, it is a giant robot.
Other monsters include a troop of flying monkeys, a sea monster, and a UFO invasion.
Set of 4, $150
I think they are so much fun, and thanks to the techniques used when creating the plates, they can actually be used to eat off of!
I hope your week is going well; I for one am really missing the ridiculously comfortable bed from our suite in Vegas.  And the massive soaking tub, and room service, and massages...
Oh well!  When we got back into town, I got to see my kiddo, who was home from her first sleep away school weekend trip.  I missed her the whole weekend, and was so glad when we were back together!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. i absolutely love these! anything with a dash of humor and whimsy is good in my book :)

  2. Haha I love these! I love the robot one!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I know the willow pattern well. My mom has always loved it. These dishes are such a fun twist on something I grew up with.



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