Friday, September 19, 2014

Five for Friday

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I can't believe another week is over!  We have been in school for 31 days (not counting weekends and holidays); it's crazy!  This week has been a busy one; my first ever project on Donors Choose got funded, and I wrote a second grant for another project, which just got published to their site.  I love that they match donations for the first week with the code is INSPIRE (nudge, nudge, wink wink).
I am one of the supervisors for student council at my school, and elections are today.  There is a lot of work that goes into getting everything set up, but it is rewarding when 50+ kids show up, wanting to be part of something that helps out their school.  We are planning on doing a lot of community based projects, so I am excited to get out there with our students and get them excited to help make the world a better place!
The Cat is going away for a weekend field trip; this will be her first time away from home, and we are both freaking out a little.  I know she is in good hands with her teachers, but still!  That's my baby we are talking about here!
While the Cat is away, the mice will play-- my boy and I are heading off to Vegas as soon as my work day is over.  I am hoping to meet up with some family that lives there, and my best friend from Tennessee and her boyfriend are going to be there, playing a show.  I'm hoping to meet up with them, too.  And get a massage.  I am really, really looking forward to getting a massage.
Since I've already written a small novel (thanks for hanging in there!), I will jump right to the good stuff- my five favorite things from this week!  And the first one is ah-maze-ing!
Waffles and Toasted Marshmallows.
Hello, Heaven!
Paper & Stitch

What a great sentiment!
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I would totally wear this to work!
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I know this isn't necessarily new, but I want to order this for the Cat!

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How gorgeous is that room?!  I love those couches.  Mmmm!  The weird thing is, individually, I actually don't like quite a few pieces in the room,  But together, they work!
I hope your weekend is a fantastic one!

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