Friday, December 19, 2014

Last Minute Christmas

Winter whites & greenery | Camille Styles
For all of you super busy people out there who think they are out of time to decorate for Christmas, think again!  I put together a few ideas that are no fuss but have maximum appeal.  First on the list is fresh greens.  This mantle above is stunning with just vases full of greens and white flowers.  All it takes is a trip to the grocery store and you have to go there anyway.
You can purchase fresh garlands at many stores and all you need is a strand or two of lights.  This will take you all of 15 minuets to complete and how beautiful are the results?
hang plates on the wall//
Again, fresh wreaths can be found all around and all you need to do is replace a picture on the wall with a hanging wreath to feel festive.
A bowl of pretty ornaments on the coffee table is understated but looks like Christmas.
Shabbyfufu: Christmas Home Tour 2014...A Vintage Inspired Holiday Season...Part One
Let's be real, it takes time to go pick out a tree and set it up at home.  Just do it and skip the ornaments.  All a fresh tree really needs is lights so it looks lovely at night.

fresh greens and flowers for the mantel: check
garland on the banister: check
fresh wreath: check
bowl of ornaments: check
simple tree with lights: check

All done!
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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  1. Nice shots, you are a professional photographer I like the way you took it, Merry Christmas. Thanks for linking me back at http://pakitong.blogspot.com



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