Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weekend Plans: Meet Me at the Fair

This week is going by slowly.  The days are dragging.  Which isn't always a bad thing, but I am so looking forward to this weekend that it is torture!
This Saturday we have a packed schedule: Wreaths Across America at 9, then on to LA for a Geeky Craft Fair at Whimsic Alley, then on to the Renegade Craft Fair in downtown LA, and finally dinner with the boyfriend's family to celebrate a birthday.
I have been looking forward to going to the Renegade Craft Fair since the summer, when I got sick and we couldn't go then.  And now I have that familiar scratchy tickle at the back of my throat that usually signals an oncoming cold.  I'm trying to hold it off--too much to do, damn it!  And there are artisan s'mores to be had at the craft fair!
Clap Clap
From ridiculously cute wrapping paper by Clap Clap Design to amazing jewelry and pieces by a slew of different artists, I'm so excited that I'm over here doing the Jessie Spano dance.
Fingers crossed that I can fight off this cold!
Are any of you LA locals heading over to the Renegade Craft Fair?  Or maybe some of you in Chicago, San Francisco, or London made it to yours?

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