Friday, February 1, 2013

Freaky Find Friday: Don't Be Nosy

Rebecca and I do a lot of shopping, whether we have money or not.  We window shop.  We browse.  We sometimes buy.  We do this in malls, boutiques, thrift stores, even online.  You name it, we like to at least look around.  Because of this, we often find lots of great deals (like the $4 dress I score last weekend).  We often find inspiration, both for our wardrobes and our homes.  And we often find crap.
It's true.  (It's a little ineloquent, I grant you, but it's true!) 
So, for today's Freaky Friday Find, I'd like to present to you custom pet necklaces.   No, no, it's not something like a cute little locket with a picture of your pooch inside.  This is far more personal- it's your pet's nose.  On a necklace.  Around your neck.  Call me crazy, but I think this is just a little bit creepy.

If you love it, you could have gotten it here:
Uncommon Goods
Don't want to wear a nose around your neck?
Custom belt buckles are also available.
I guess a lot of bigger sized dogs do nose around the crotch area,
so this seems normal, right?
Only $499.99!

Now, don't get me wrong; I'm all for cute little puppy noses (when they're on the puppies). Maybe if I had an adorable little mini something-or-other then I'd be on board. I do have a dog, in case your wondering, but she's the kind of dog who ate my beautiful leather jacket. I don't want to wear her nose around my neck! And I love my cat, too, but wearing her nose? Not so much. What do you think? Do you have a furry little friend whose sniffer you'd like to wear as a charm?


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so funny. I have never seen anything like this. $500 for a belt? Sheesh!!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  2. wow this is definitely different! i love my dogs dearly and i will have one million photos of them around my house, but i think i'm gonna draw the line at a necklace of belt of their nose haha. i think they'll understand :) have a great weekend! (oh and p.s. to your comment on my blog - phantom is my fave and i've seen it in london twice and vegas once - but can't wait to see in nyc!!)
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  3. Haha these are so funny. There really is everything you can possibly think of out there! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Oh my god, those are hilarious. I love 'em!

  5. Oh my gosh those are so odd! What a weird concept haha! The belt one is even more disturbing. Do funny.
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  6. Oh my I cannot believe anyone would actually wear this. It is so crazy. I couldn't even tell from just looking at the picture what it was.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  7. Those are bizarre, what would possess someone to want wear them!




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