Saturday, February 23, 2013

Without a Hitch

Farfetch.com contacted Rebecca and I recently regarding some posters they had commissioned for the Alfred Hitchcock movie that came out last year.  (It's still playing in limited release, with one of the closest venues to us being Utah.  Utah?!  I am in California, and moviefone gave me the showtimes for a theater in Utah.)  Anyway, the posters got me thinking about the featured actresses, which got me thinking about Oscar fashion.  You may be thinking that's quite a jump.  But in my mind, it's logical.
These leading ladies were known for their style- especially Grace Kelly.  And this weekend is the Oscars.  And my best friend Jen surprised me with a phone call on Thursday letting me know that she and her musician boyfriend, Jared Blake (he was on the first season of The Voice, if you watch that show), would be in LA for Jared to play at some private Oscar pre show party something or other.  So I have the Oscars on the brain.  And I am so excited to go to LA to visit with Jen and Jared today! And it's her birthday weekend, so it is going to be even better.
ANYWAY.  Back to farfetch.com.  Here are the posters.

Rebecca did a Halloween post on Tippi Hedren's character in The Birds (her costume is perfect).

To tie in with it being Oscar weekend, I thought I'd showcase Grace Kelly's famous Oscar dresses.
This dress, worn by Kelly to the 1955 Oscars, was designed
 by the famous Edith Head.
image via

Here's Grace Kelly (with Audrey Hepburn!) at
the 1956 Academy Awards.
image via
Now it seems only logical that since Audrey happened to be in the last picture, the next picture can be one of her Academy dresses, no?!
Here she is, in Givenchy at the 1957 Oscars.
image via
That's all for me, folks.  Hope you have a great weekend!

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