Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ceiling Fan: From Functional to Design Statement

I've been doing a lot of little projects around the house lately.  This one is nothing brilliant or complex but paint makes such a big difference. decorating.answers.com decided to publish this little project on their site.  You can see it here.  
Can you think of something in your house that just sort of, I don't know, rubs you the wrong way?  Every time you look at it you think, that could look better.  Well, my son's ceiling fan was like that for me.  There was nothing really wrong with it, but it wasn't the design statement I wanted, so....

I decided to paint the blades!  Easy enough fix, right?  My son's room has glossy red lockers and a few other red accents so why not go all the way with it.
I first layed out the blades on two pieces of wood with old sheets underneath (to protect the concrete).
One thin coat of paint almost did the trick, but make sure to get all the edges.  This is why I suggest putting the blades on the wood to elevate them.
I let them dry to the touch then sprayed them with a second coat just to make sure they were evenly painted.  Let them dry all the way because you really need to handle them when installing.
Up it goes!  What an easy weekend fix for this design problem.
I think my son's room looks much better with this one little change.  It just brings it all together.

I want to thank all of our readers.  You have been really wonderful to Lori and me.  We really appreciate you.

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