Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I solemnly swear I am up to no good...

My little 3rd grader finished the entire Harry Potter series of books over the Summer.  He, of course, has now decided that he wants to be Harry Potter for Halloween, and his sister (being his biggest fan) is going to be Hermione.
I (just because I'm me) have used this as a great reason to throw a very small Halloween party for my kids and a few of their friends.  I am proud of my son and want to encourage him to continue reading and discovering great stories and characters through literature.
Remember that I said it will be a small party?  It totally will be, but not without lots of fun touches!  Here are a few things I have in store...

Harry Potter Halloween Party

Target Exclusive Halloween Fizzy Drink Mixers 7.... : Target
Let me just say that there are some amazing Harry Potter themed party ideas out there.  I almost wish I was going all out on this one...almost.  But, I am managing the mischief, people.


  1. Halloween is such a fun time of year- love these decor touches!


  2. What fun party inspiration–there's nothing better than a book to expand your imagination!



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