Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Fabulous Eiffel Chair

My terrible design secret is that I'm not a fan of ALL things Mid- Century.  At least, I usually don't like a whole room full of Mid- Century furniture.  I do, however, like a few pieces mixed into a more traditional or rustic space.  
Case in point: The iconic Eiffel chairs (created by designer and artist duo Charles and Ray Eames) are gorgeous and have become classics.  You, my readers, know this already.  Why don't I see more of these in the homes I have visited?  I'm dying to design a dining room (I have a friend in mind) with these beauties in mind.

A room of contrasts. Blending of old & new, modern & traditional, rustic & refined...
maybe this picture sums it all up. the chandelier, the silver, the country rustic table, and of course the mid-century chairs. Eames for me and Bertoia for Cory.
aka design farmhouse table eiffel look chairs1 1024x682 Modern Country Dining Room Source List
loving the Eames dining room chairs by rebecca.mayer.73
EAMES CHAIR | Sarah The Architect
Do any of you own an authentic or even knock-off Eames?  I'm curious how you have incorporated them into your design.  

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  1. I think these chairs look great when paired with kind of hugely glamorous items (like the chandeliers above).



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