Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Party: Beehive DIY

countryliving.com DIY beehive Pinata 
When I was planning my daughter's 6th birthday party I knew it was going to be a morning event (since it is getting so hot and windy in the afternoon) and I knew I wanted to do a blue and white scheme with accents of yellow.  I came across this beehive image--on Pinterest, of course-- and I decided to create my own version.  
First, I bought bags of medium sized black and yellow felt balls at the craft store along with sheets of stiff blue felt.  I made a tear-drop shaped template out of cardboard for the wings and cut them out.  I then hot glued a yellow and black ball together and then the wings on top.  Cute little fuzzy bees!  Simple.
I then purchased yellow lanterns at a local party supply store and hot glued the bees on in random patterns (focusing on the top and bottom of the lantern).  I think the effect is super cute!
This would be great for a baby shower as well.
I will post photos of the whole event very soon!
Hang in there, it's Wednesday!


  1. Super cute idea! looks lovely :-) Hope your daughter had a great birthday :-)




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