Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Theme Birthday Party

I can't believe my baby girl is now 6!  When planning this party I took into account that the wind here in the spring is crazy so I decided it had to be a morning party this time.  This decision made it obvious that a brunch was the best way to go.  Even in the morning it is really hot so Gwenna wanted to have water activities.  I suddenly knew the color scheme had to be blue and white with touches of yellow.  Very summery.  I envisioned elements like blue and white floral and Greek key, lemons, bumble bees, bubbles and sun flowers.  Somehow it all had to come together.  It wasn't a mega party with crazy amounts of things going on.  I've done that in the past but felt like keeping it simpler this time.  And I have to say, I'm really happy I did.
I the entryway, a painting created by me son greeted guests.
The cake table was my favorite part!  I found the plates and napkins first, then the fabric that I made into a table cloth next.  My mom purchased the gorgeous cake plate on ebay and I placed it on a beautiful mirrored tray.  This is all a bit sophisticated for a 6 year old so I had my mom make the cake with little bees as decoration and the bee pops were placed in an elephant planter stand. I think the bees and elephant make it more little fun and young.  

The "awning" is actually a shower curtain from Target.  I moved the dining room table under the mirror to create a buffet for foods like bagels, muffins, fruit, sandwiches, egg casserole, and doughnut holes.  I love the summery outdoor look this created!  Super fun.
For the kids, I created a little chocolate milk and lemonade center, of course.  
Last week I posted a tutorial here on these beehives for you.  I just love them.
A small candy bar made for a pretty display and the kids were able to take them home.  Also, Gwenna chose the book, "Grimm's Fairy Tales" to have her guests sign.  She wanted this book because it has a wolf on the cover and she loves wolfs right now.  Funny kid.

Matching blue pedis!
The mantel was very easy to pull together.  Just a few blue and white pieces with yellow flowers.  A glittery gold "G" with a few left over felt bees and lemons.  Perfect.  The banner reads "Gwenna" and I made it out of craft paper and ribbon.  I wish I had a detail shot, but the letters are attached to the ribbon with clothes pins.  That said summer to me.

Oh my but these kids had fun outside!  

This is such a great photo...look at little 2 year old Jackie also blowing out the candles!

Each child took home a bubble gun, cotton candy and a patch with their initial (to sew onto a beach bag, perhaps).
This was honestly one of the easiest and most enjoyable parties I have had the pleasure to create.  I loved watching my little lady and her friends have a blast.  
A special thank you to my mom for the cake and cake pops and for taking many photos for me as well as my good friend Kyungmoo Ryu for his lovely photos.  Also to my friends Kaley and Christine for the lend of items and some yummy treats.
I hope I gave you a bit of inspiration today.  So many of these ideas could be adapted to a variety of venues.  
Happy Birthday to my Gwenna!

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