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Anne of Green Gables

"The dearest and most moving and delightful child of fiction since the immortal Alice."  Mark Twain
Anne of Green Gables  - love!

Like many who learned to love literature at a young age I had strong impressions of the books I loved (and love).  There is something about L.M Montgomery's "Anne" books that stay with you.  If you have read them you know what I mean.
"Anne of Green Gables" house; Cavendish via
From what I have read this isn't the house Montgomery lived in with her grandparents, but it did belong to a relative who lived nearby.  It was donated and now serves as a museum.  I also believe that they filmed the much loved Anne of Green Gables movie here too.

photo by coreyann
This is the entrance to "The Haunted Wood."

photo by coreyann
This picture shows the actual garden and barn that belonged to Montgomery's grandparents.  She would have known this property well.

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 They did a good job interpreting Anne's room.

L.M. Montgomery via latrobe
Lucy Maud Montgomery was born on Prince Edward Island in November, 1874.  Her mother died when she was 1 year and 9 months old.  Her father left her to her grandparents and re-married.  Just like her famous Anne, she was raised in a strict home, isolated and unhappy.  She received her teaching certificate from Prince of Wales college (1893) and studied literature at Dalhousie University in Halifax (1895-6).  Montgomery did not enjoy her teaching career but was contented because it gave her time to write creatively (wikipedia).  Montgomery published Anne of Green Gables in 1908 while she was being courted by Ewan MacDonald, a Presbyterian minister.  She married MacDonald and they had 3 sons (one was still-born) but the marriage is said to be a disaster, by some biographers, because MacDonald was not mentally stable.  It seems that the woman who brought joy to so many had a very sad life.  I admire her ability to communicate optimism especially because this did not reflect much of her own reality. There are tragic moments in the "Anne" books (especially the later ones) but she does not dwell on them.  What an inspiring lesson for children as well as adults.

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There are a few spaces that I have come across that make me think of Anne of Green Gables. Montgomery loved a pretty space and her descriptions were some of the best I have ever read.  These rooms are a bit more contemporary, but still quaint and homey and lovely.  Nothing pretentious or showy.  They evoke the smell of apple-pie and garden flowers.

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I found this sitegreenweddingshoes.com, that did a Anne of Green Gables wedding shoot.  So fun! Here are a few photos that I liked the best:
anne of green gables wedding inspiration

anne of green gables wedding inspiration
anne of green gables wedding inspiration boat
tea cup candle holder
anne of green gables wedding inspiration
anne of green gables wedding inspiration
You should check out all the photos, though.  They are just gorgeous.  I am definitely inspired!  

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