Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chances Are

Yesterday one of my students gave me a little back to school gift- the eighties movie Chances Are, starring Cybill Shepherd and Robert Downey Jr.
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Perhaps you're thinking that that is a rather random gift.  The thing is, the student happens to be my nephew, and his mom, my sister, knew that I had been wanting to watch this movie with the Cat.  So that is how we spent our Friday night, after a kind of impromptu belt test at the karate studio for the Cat and a dinner with my Dad.  We went home and watched this movie that I had grown up watching on KTLA, channel 5.  For being a movie of the eighties, there are some pretty fabulous wardrobe pieces.  Some of the outfits are pretty horrible in their awful eighties' eightiesness, but that doesn't take away from the good ones.  The look of the whole movie is just pretty.  Cybil Shepherd is gorgeous in it, especially in the black dress she wears to an event hosted by the Smithsonian.  

Sorry for the poor picture quality; I couldn't find any pictures that really showcased the dress.  My favorite part is the skirt; when she is standing still, it looks like an ordinary silhouette, but when she moves, you can see that is is more special than that; it does not have a solid black skirt, but rather a sheer overlay with perhaps a ribbon or embroidered detail.  The skirt portion of the dress is pretty fabulous.  It makes me want to find a fancy event to go to so I can get all dressed up in this exact same dress.  
This is most decidedly not the same dress; I know that it is not even close.
How gorgeous is it, though?!
Elie Saab

So beautiful!
Ralph Lauren
So far this is the closest one to the movie dress.
Carmen Marc Valvo

I threw this one in because one, that is a peplum jacket and it
just goes to show you that fashion is always evolving while revolving
(peplum is still having such a moment, yet the bulky shoulder pads
are gone.  Thank God!).  Two- I LOVE that bag.  It is timeless perfection in
my favorite color leather.

So here is what I leave you with: go watch the movie Chances Are.  Is it life changing?  No.  Is it philosophical and deep?  No.  But it's a good movie!  Have a great weekend!


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  2. is it wrong that I would love to have cybill's 80's hair style?

    1. Lynda, even though it may be considered "eighties big hair," I love it too! I think it just looks so pretty, especially in that first shot of her!



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