Monday, August 20, 2012

Kors: Fall/Winter

I was poking around the old internet the other day when I saw this gorgeous picture.
image via the fashionisto
The pieces are listed below.  The purse is available for pre-order here.
Gorgeous.  I think everything about this picture is gorgeous (including male model Simon Nessman)!  Don't you just love that bracelet?  And that bag.  And the coat.  And jacket, and blouse, and jeans.  And thanks to google images, I was able to track the picture back to its source, and to discover that this look is by none other than Michael Kors.  The pieces are part of the fall/winter campaign, and there are now soooo  very many things I would love to add to  my fall wardrobe.
image via cool to wear
These two are just pretty people!  Now let's take a look at some of the pieces from the collection, shall we?
Fringe-Trim Tweed Dress

Uptown Astor Crossbody Bag
I had to include this because as soon as the Cat saw this,
she asked me to buy  it for her.

Chain Print Blouse, Reefer Felt Coat, Zipper Cuff Jeans
Meridian Boot

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