Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Minor Obsession: Chambray Shirt

image via
My girl crush on artist Inslee Haynes is going strong; how much do you love this piece?!
 I like to pretend it's Rebecca and me!

A while back, I started hunting around for the perfect chambray shirt.  I wanted it to have snap buttons and be just the perfect wash.  I found one at Forever 21 that I snatched up and have been happily wearing ever since.  It goes with almost everything, pulling together an otherwise ordinary look or even dressing down a more formal look.  I am on the hunt for another chambray shirt, not because I am not happy with the one I have, but because I am so happy with it.  Wait, what?!  That's right; here is a little bit of unsolicited fashion advice: when you find a piece of clothing (or shoes, or accessories) that you really, really love, buy two.  At least.  If it is plausible, buy more than one.  This way, if one gets messed up, or lost, or worn out or something, you'll have a spare.  See?  Good advice.  So I want another chambray shirt because I wear it so much.  Even in the summer.  I expect to wear it a lot in the fall, too.  So I found another PERFECT chambray shirt at H&M, but they didn't have my size (I am pouting as I write this).  So my search continues.

Don't believe me that a good chambray shirt can go with just about anything?  Well then, take a look at this.
image via Ylfa Gronvold

See? I told you so. How gorgeous does that look?!

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