Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vindicated: Embellished Collar

This picture was taken last Christmas.  I am wearing a vintage collar that I found for next to nothing at an antique store.  I think Lori was with me and I only purchased it because she approved.  I wasn't exactly sure how I would wear it but I knew I loved it.  
My collar is satin with beading and I paired it with a large pattern, crew- neck sweater.  I had no idea that this would become a huge trend the coming fall!  Sometimes you just have to trust your gut (and have a friend along who has great taste) and buy what you like.  I would still wear this even if it hadn't become popular but it certainly is nice when your instincts are proven right by the entire fashion industry.  
via building 25
I like this look too:  a more necklace like collar tucked under a collared shirt.  
I just love this one with the satin ribbon.  It transforms a plain sweater instantly. 
Aerin Lauder via Vogue

I bet we will be seeing more shirts with built in collars like this one!

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