Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goodbye Little Yellow Bird

In the movie, based on Oscar Wilde's book, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945), Angela Lansbury is unforgettable (even though her singing voice was dubbed by Virginia Reese at the last minute tcm.com). This scene in a low- class pub is utterly charming.  I dare you to not hum this tune the rest of the day.
I think it is difficult for modern audiences to appreciate these scenes fully unless you were raised watching classic films.  It always frustrates me to read comments by "critics" who have a modern sensibility toward film.  Perhaps suspension of reality is an acquired ability.  All I know is that when I look at this black and white scene, I see the colors. When I hear and see this song performed, I sense the character's naive sweetness and morn its foreshadowed loss.   I might do another post on the topic, but I sincerely hope you love this scene as much as I do.
"Little yellow bird" was written by C.W. Murphy and Lyricist W. Hargreave.

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