Saturday, November 24, 2012

Favorite Find: Corbel Sconces...before

I spotted these odd lamps at a local antique/junk shop about a month ago.  They are actually old corbel that had been turned into sconces.  I think they are one of those things that could be really cool and unique in the right space and I am hoping that my living room is that space.  At $43 for the pair, how can I go wrong?

Here they are mounted with shades, but I know that they are not quite finished yet.
I need to decide if only the back plate and cord get a few coats of spray paint (cream) or if I should paint the entire thing white.  What do you think?
Isn't the detail on the corbel pretty?  I even like the blue mottled finish on them, but the back plates are horrible and splattered with paint.  I can't wait to tackle this and show you the end result!  

Day 24 I am thankful that the people I care most about are willing to see past my shortcomings               
                   and love me for who I really am.  

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