Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Inspiration: Understated Christmas Decorating

I think understated and simple Christmas decor appeals to me more than any other.  Why?  Because it seems to symbolize Christmas better than any other style:  nature provides the best and most beautiful atmosphere.  Luxury doesn't make Christmas special.  Look around and see what can be done with the least amount of money but ultimate impact.  Candles, greenery, flowers and just a bit of sparkle are all you need to convey warmth.  Just like the best gifts, the best rooms are creative and thoughtful.


Veranda Magazine Nov-Dec 2012.
This is a more "wow" space than most of the others I have included but the individual seasonal elements are natural, like the pine cones in the tree and fresh green wreath and centerpiece.  It's all very easy to duplicate.




These pictures of the interior of a farmhouse in Red Hook NY, from an old Country Living
magazine article, are some of my  favorite examples of rustic simplicity with a French
country vibe.  I think it is lovely.

None of these spaces look very "decorated" but just like a fabulous outfit, they leave a strong impression of style.  Use what you have and create something special yourself.  If your home is pretty to begin with, why not just play it up in a subtle way?  

Day 28  I am so thankful that my friends want to include me when they are planning their own special events.  Today I get to go to the site that will be the center of celebration for a 1st birthday party!  I am honored that my opinion matters to those I care about.


  1. This is so cozy and elegant at the same time!! I don't like garish, tacky, Christmas decor! We were having "words" at work because my boss loves red tinsel and bought a bunch of it to decorate for our annual customer appreciation party..ugh. I am in charge and the LAST thing I want is anyone to think I bought that junk!LOL I was going for classy elegant; I don't know what she was going for!!

  2. Ahhh, Lizzie, that is too funny. I am sure you can turn it around into something fabulous. Good luck!

  3. Red tinsel! Wow, I have seen silver, in old pictures, but red?! I don't know that your customers would feel very appreciated;) Kidding of course, but that is really funny. Fight the good fight!



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