Thursday, November 29, 2012

Favorite Things: Sabrina

I stumbled across this movie poster for Audrey Hepburn's 1954 film Sabrina, and I instantly fell in love with it.  I had never seen this poster before.
image via Hemingway & Hepburn

I searched around a little more, and found more movie posters for the film, all of which prominently featured Audrey Hepburn.
image via
Of course, Hepburn wasn't the only star in the film; just look at who received top billing on all three posters I've included.

image via Bombshell Photography

I love this film.  I love this picture of the three main characters; it represents the story rather nicely, don't you think?  
Rebecca and I had a small discussion one time, about Sabrina, and I remember her mentioning that it wasn't her favorite Hepburn film; Bogart's character, Linus, just seemed too old for Sabrina.  Rebecca mentioned that she liked the 1995 version, starring Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond, better.

image via Natalie Stendall

I like them both.  I really do love the original, but I also really do love the Harrison Ford version (namely because of Harrison Ford!!).  I like Bogart as Linus, but I love Indiana Jones' take on the character too.

image via

image via
Rebecca thought Greg Kinnear was a little too goofy as David Larrabee, but I liked him in the role.

Both are great movies, and although I don't think I favor one over the other, I definitely wouldn't mind curling up on the couch right now and watching Han Solo quietly woo his brother's girl.

Day 29~  I am thankful that I have the ability to keep growing, changing, and learning new things, and I am really, really thankful for my smart, kind, funny, beautiful little girl who helps me grow, change, and learn each day.



  1. Don't you all think that Bogart was born looking around 60? That doesn't bother me so much because I think I would have liked him in Sabrina if the writer(s) had spent more time developing a deeper connection that lead to their romance, better. I think this was done more successfully in the 1995 version. I do like it still. But like Lori said, it's not my favorite Hepburn film.
    Just had to add that:)

  2. led to their romance not "lead" to their romance. That's actually kind of funny!

  3. "Roman Holiday" is another favorite!!

  4. Ooh, I love Roman Holiday too, Lizzie.
    And Rebecca, you crack me up. Now I am imagining a little baby with Bogart's head. :)

  5. Oh how I love Audrey! Just got the cutest little Audrey coffee table book with photos and quotes, "59 Ways to Put a Little Hepburn in Your Step."

    Thank you for reminding me that I must watch some more of her movies over Christmas break!





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