Friday, November 16, 2012

Freaky Find Friday

I know Halloween is over, but the freakishly creepy things just continue to pop up all around me!  I wish they wouldn't because my neck needs a break from all the double takes.  But really, wouldn't you be sad if we couldn't show you all these horrible shopping encounters?  
I say encounter for a reason.  As an example, take a gander at this 3ft doll:  She was peering around the corner at me as if to say "I saw you first and, yeah, just because I don't have my poles and skis I can still catch you."  Doesn't she look as though she was meant to be slaloming down a mountain?  I have a question though: I think she is supposed to be a little Inuit, but where in Northern Alaska or the Arctic do they raise cows?  That is a cow print coat, is it not?  Not only that, but her fringe of dark hair looks as though she went at it with a plastic knife.  

Nevertheless, happy Friday everyone!

Day:16 I am so grateful that Thanksgiving break starts today and that I have my family all to myself for 9 whole days.  I am graeful for the rain that we so desperately need and for good books to read during.

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