Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sweet Spot Sunday

This Sunday, I thought I would bring you some ideas for some sweet treats that would make perfect gifts this holiday season.
I really wish we had a Godiva store nearby, because this year they brought back the creme brulee truffle- one of the most delicious pieces of chocolate I have ever had.  I like them even better than Nordstrom's champagne truffles, and that is saying a lot.
Godiva Truffle Box
I adore a good Harry & David pear, and I don't really even like pears.  But these- they melt in your mouth.  Delicious.

Harry & David Holiday Tower of Treats
One of my old grad school teachers would periodically bring us taffies from Dewar's (a little sugar to soften the inevitable blow we'd get when she'd pass back our papers).  I was never really a big taffy person until I had these- they are so. damn. good.  The peanut butter ones are my favorite, but the peppermint are good too.
Dewar's Taffy- Try the peanut butter.
(You can thank me later.)

I had a sample of some of these preserves at a farmer's market over the summer, and as a surprise, my brother bought me a jar of the cherry lime.  The packaging is pretty, and the flavors are fun and unique.
Rare Bird Preserves
The cherry lime is delicious.

Day 25~  I am thankful that we now live in such a small world that we can stay connected with friends and family, no matter how far away they are.


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