Saturday, June 8, 2013

And Now It's Mine

The other day  I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, Sadie and Stella (go check it out if you haven't already!), when I came across this guest post from Brittany Makes.  In it, she features her finished living room, which is beyond fabulous.
I immediately fell in love with the couch.
image via Sadie and Stella
It's called the Elliot, and it is from Macy's, and it needs to be in my family room!  So I checked online, and fell even more in love with it.  I talked to Rebecca and got her approval (I have to run all things decor related with her, because she's the boss!).  I waited until this weekend, looked at it again, and discovered it's on sale!!!  Score!
Now I'm just waiting for it to reach the warehouse so it can be shipped to my house.  Hooray!  Big thanks to Lindsay for featuring the guest post, and a big thanks to Brittany for having such a stylish living room!
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  1. Nice! Can't wait to see some finished room pics :)

    1. Thanks, Martha! I'm excited for it to get here, but it'll be a couple of weeks. I don't want the time ti go by too quickly, since I'm on vacation and all!



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