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Gwenna's Pony Party

Invitation from 3 little monkey studio via etsy.com

I promised that I would post the details of my daughter Gwenna's 5th birthday party but, I warn you, this is a picture heavy post.  For my daughter's 5th birthday I knew I wanted it to be special.  Last summer we spent in Montana and Gwenna just loved riding horses, so a horse themed party was a natural!  I then chose to use jadeite green, buttercup yellow and lavender for a country fresh color palette.  The trick was to mix girly elements with the rustic.  I had a lot of help implementing my ideas (and the ideas I got from pinterest). My mom and my mother in law helped tremendously and it was so much fun! There is nothing over-done or fancy about this party; which is perfect with the rustic theme anyway.  Despite the ridiculous wind, the kids had so much fun and it was a very special celebration that I know Gwenna, and our family, will always remember.
 I am linking up with tip junkie today so that I can share some of my ideas here and also check out a few other homemade parties!

Photo on the back of the invitation.  
An extra stick horse welcomes guests.
I purchased this horse door-knock at a local antique store months ago.  When I decided on a pony theme for Gwenna's party I remembered that most wreath bases are made of straw...perfect!  All I had to do was tie bits of ribbon in the complementary colors onto the wreath and hang it up!

In the entryway, I hung a shadowbox of equestrian show ribbons (mine) and a storybook "Ponyella" for guests to write birthday wishes in as well as a pretty arrangement.

The treat table was packed with themed goodies!  My mom made everything from scratch.  I came up with the idea to use little horses and scrap book paper for saddles with the names of the goodies written on them.
My husband made the sign on the table out of old fence boards.  A bit of rope stapled on created the "5" and a few spray painted horse shoes where then nailed in.
I tied ribbon onto the curtain rod and then hot-glued sparkly stars and knotted gold sprayed horse-shoes onto it to create a back-drop for the dessert table.

I didn't get a chance to try the apple and cherry pies, but my husband said they were his favorite things.

I did try these caramel apple cupcakes and I was hooked.  Amazing.  My dad recently cut down a tree in their yard and gave me these stump pieces that I made into a cupcake stand.

the cake pops were a huge hit with the kids!
The cake was one of my very favorite things.  It was carrot cake, of course.
five little ponies pranced around the boarder of the cake with five little candles.  I hot-glued earring posts to the horses and pushed the candles onto them.  Super easy.

More treats:  The coconut hay-bales and horse shoe meringues where so yummy!

I can't forget the berry cream-puffs!
We served dinner and I was so lucky that my brother agreed to make his fabulous (and I mean totally mouth watering) tri-tip.  We also had mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, cole-slaw, fruit salad and pasta salad.

Lemonade filled pony cups for the kiddos were so much fun.

My mom made all the tissue balls and paper rounds here.  I made the fabric garlands.  Easy and rustic.

I hung a few spray painted horse shoes from the chandelier.  Snap dragons in spray painted mason jars (color: pistachio) completed the country centerpiece.  

Gwenna poses with her stick horse (made by grandma).

Each child picked their own horse that they were able to take home as a party favor.
My mom did such an amazing job on these horses!  They were each unique and handmade with love.
The mantle featured more paper pin wheals along with jade colored Mason jars filled with sunflowers and a few Bryer horses from my childhood.
The happy birthday girl in a handmade dress from her Grandma Sue!  Cowgirl boots (you can see in other pictures) from her Grandma "G"
A sweet moment with daddy!
All of us before the party.
The backyard was decked out in flag bunting.  Games such as horse-shoes, bean bag toss, and a stick horse obstacle course were set up.  Pony rides were the main event, though--thanks to Grandpa Fred!
I made this "pony ride" banner out of stenciled fabric and chalk board fabric stung onto ribbon.

Yes, my mom made everything here, even the bean bags that look like hay bales. 
  We had to play horseshoes! 
Left over mason jars had wire twisted onto them and a few flowers added to create hanging arrangements.

It was 106 degrees out so more lemonade was in order!
Check out this little cutie!

Between the stick horses and the real things, this party was a hit!  The wind tried to rain on our parade but failed.

One last party favor were these bandanas:  Mustaches for the boys and lips for the girls.  I had dreams of a mass photo with all the kids wearing there bandanas and with their stick horses, but it didn't happen.  Oh well.
Thank you so much Grandmas' Sue and Jeanne for all you did to make this day special and memorable!

Thank you, Kyungmoo Ryu, for the wonderful photos!  You are amazing!
Happy birthday to my sweet, and gorgeous little girly!  Love you baby Gwennie.

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  1. Awesome birthday bash! The decoration for this party is eye catching. Truly you did a fantastic job in the party. I will definitely try to use your party inspirations in my daughter’s birthday bash that we are thinking to celebrate at the Los Angeles venues.



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