Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five for Friday

This has been a bit of a whirl wind week; it was my birthday, my daughter graduated from elementary school, summer vacation started, and we went to Disneyland for two days.  It's definitely been great, but bittersweet at times.  There were so many great things that I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday.  This link up gives us a chance to reflect on our week and showcase why we are grateful.  (Love that!)

1. There is a  humongous fire that is still going on in our area. The first picture, while it looks like beautiful, cotton candy clouds in a California sky, is actually smoke from the fire. The second picture is just a small sampling of donations gathered for the firefighters who are risking their lives containing that fire. I am so thankful to have such brave men and women willing to risk their lives to keep us safe, and I am grateful that in a time of need, our community really stepped up ($50,000 in donations!) to show their support. 

 2. We had a blast at Disneyland with my friend and her daughter. It was made even better when Suzie told them it was my birthday and they made me a pin... I got so many well wishes, from park workers and complete strangers. It was really nice. 
 3. My baby graduated from 6th gradel this week. I am thankful that I got to have her at my campus for seven years! And I am grateful that she had such wonderful teachers and staff supporting her and helping her grow. 
 4. For you Doctor Who fans out there- I loved coming out to my car Monday afternoon to see this scrawled all over the windows. 
 5. Weekly dinners at my Ging's house.  I am so grateful that he is in our lives and that the great grand-kids are old enough to get to know him and spend time that they will remember with him. 
That's what I'm grateful for this week!

Speaking of being grateful, when we were at Disneyland, I saw these amazing shirts by Angie that I need in my closet, asap!  If I hadn't gone to Disney, I wouldn't have know these existed. ;)  (And I'm thankful for smartphones- I checked online to see where else I could get them- by not making an impulsive purchase at Disneyland, I saved myself $20!)

Top / Angie chiffon top / Top

So with one and a half days spent at Disneyland under our belt, our summer vacation seems like it is off to a good start. Saturday is Gwenna's 5th birthday party (yay!), a graduation party for my friend's daughter, and Sunday we are going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time at Disneyland! My son graduates 6th grade next week, it's so hard to believe where all the time has gone! We looked through some pictures tonight and came across a picture of him on his very first day of elementary school, so sweet! Thanks for sharing those tops with us, I adore them especially the floral print!



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