Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just for Fun: Love Mae

Here are some super cute wall decals from an Australian company called Love Mae.

Image of Dress Up Boy & Girl
Reusable wall decals- you can play with these "paper" dolls
as often as you like, changing up their look whenever
the mood strikes!
On sale now- get them here.
Image of Dress Up Boy & Girl

Image of Dress Up Boy & Girl
Is it weird that I really, really want to buy these
and play with them? I mean, c'mon!  Antlers and
an eyepatch?!

Image of Autumn Dress Up Doll
Here is another, smaller version.  So sweet! 
On sale here.

Image of MINI Dress Up Doll
These are super small and super sweet!  You can put 
these on lunchboxes, folders, laptops, etc.  Get it here.


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