Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Colorful Equestrian Interiors

Usually equestrian rooms are monochromatic and serious. There is nothing wrong with that approach, and I must add that I tend to prefer it, but equestrian style can be colorful.  I especially like the idea pink for a little girl (or big girl) who loves all things horses AND feminine.  Take a look and see if you are not as inspired as I am by the varying hues of these spaces.
by Equestrian Stylist

Who says that equestrian design has to be masculine? I like the pink.
My little Gwenna in a few years? I think so. Her horse obsession has just begun.

Image from apartment therapy
Image from apartment therapy

Does it get any more playful or fun than this display?

Kelly green and Ralph Lauren.

turquoise horse lamp
Art deco horse lamp.  Country living
horse decor
More beautiful accents:  Country Living.

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