Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just A Spaghetti Dinner Night

I have a philosophy about life:  treat every day like a special occasion.  Just because it is a weeknight  (nothing out of the ordinary, no company, no fancy dinner), doesn't mean we shouldn't make it meaningful and beautiful.  Fresh flowers and candles should be apart of these times as well as the celebrated ones.  
And guess what?  I ended up having impromptu company the next night and everything was ready, because this is just how we live in our home.  I enjoy beautiful things and I hope my children will grow up with the same appreciation for small luxuries.  

I got 3 bundles of ranunculus from Trader Joe's and the little candle holders (I used as vases) were on clearance at TJ Maxx for $7 each.
I had the sea shells already as a filler for my apothecary jars in the summer.  I simple added little tea lights and scattered a few down the table.

My very sweet family enjoying their dinner.  Britton wants just pasta and sausage, Gwenna likes plain pasta!
Have a very special weeknight tonight too!

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