Monday, April 16, 2012

Movie Inspiration: Emma

When I think of visually inspiring movies, Emma (1996) comes to mind.  I took all the pictures myself, because there weren't many that I could find.  This is one movie I want to stare at and study, and I thought you might too.  In fact, before I was married I watched this movie and it inspired my wedding!  The mood, the lighting, the colors all contribute to the opulent look of this film.  Every scene looks as though it was thought out as a still-life.

As a Jane Austin fan, I don't believe this is the best film version of the beloved book--there is no real character development, and the scenes are somewhat choppy--but there is a fun, lighthearted feel to the movie and the chemistry between Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam is wonderful.   
Also, the musical score by Rachel Portman is just beautiful.  
Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous pictures, but you should still experience the movie!


  1. Have you seen the version made in 2008 with Romola Garai as Emma? Was a Masterpiece Classic version; by far the best. This one does have a wonderful score, but it's very Hollywood in spite of great art direction and costumes!!

  2. You are right, Cyndee, this one is very Hollywood. I am ashamed to say that I hadn't even heard of the 2008 Emma until last week! It is in my Netfix que and I am even more excited to see it now that you recommend it. I would like to do more posts on Austin as an author in the future, so if you have any inspirations for me I would appreciate it! You know Austin better than anyone I know. Thank you!



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