Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY: Twine Wrapped Vase

Twine Wrapped Vase
Some time ago I saw some pictures in a catalog (Vivaterra?  Pottery Barn?  Ballard Designs?)  of bottles wrapped in twine or jute or something.  Simple.  Pretty  Too much  money for a bottle wrapped with a material I can get at the local hardware store for under a few bucks.  So I decided to make my own.  So crafty, right?   The project is super easy and super simple.  And super cheap.

Here's what you'll need.  I used an empty coffee can, some sisal twine, and a hot glue gun.
Starting at the bottom of the can, put a dab of hot glue.  Wrap the twine (don't cut it yet-just keep pulling from the spool) around the can.  Place another little dot of glue by the first one.  Continue wrapping.  It isn't necessary to place a dab of glue each time you wrap it around; I tried that the first time, and it was messy and took too long.  If you wrap tightly, you can go around the jar a few times before adding more hot glue.  And here is a handy little tip- when you do glue, glue on the same side each time, directly underneath the last glue dot.  Just a dab will do ya!  (What is that from?!)  Keep wrapping and periodically gluing until you reach the top.

As you can see in this picture if you look at the top of the vase, I didn't glue all the way to the top.  Of course, you can if you want to- you have my blessing.  I wanted to be able to use this vase as the jar that it actually is- for some reason, I feel bad throwing my coffee cans out because they are such useful little containers.  I especially like the Illy ones that have a nice screw on cap.  I currently have two in use to hold plastic bags.  Those I covered in cute scrapbook paper.  They may be put away in a cabinet or housed on a shelf in the laundry room, but that is no excuse for them to not look pretty, right?  This inexpensive little project takes care of that.  So anyway, I left the top intact, uncovered, so that I could screw the lid back on if I wanted to.  So I covered the top too.  For this one, I started by gluing the twine in a circular patter on top of the lid.  This portion of the project required more dabs of glue from the glue gun.

See?  Swirly.  Easy, cute.  About 30 minutes of wrapping and gluing, and seriously cheap to make.  I plan on making more but with different kinds of rope/twine.  Have fun!

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