Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inspiration: Mermaids and Esther Williams

Hollywood's Mermaid

The beautiful Esther Williams made silver screen history in the 1940's and 50's as MGM 's mermaid siren.  Williams was an accomplished swimmer, learning the butterfly breast-stroke a 'male only' swim style from life guards at a local pool where she counted towels to make enough money for the entry fee for a swim competition.  Her team broke records with the help of Williams and at 16 she planned to enter the 1940 Summer Olympics but it was cancelled because World War II began.  She had a back up.
Million Dollar Mermaid
Williams portrays the famous Australian swimmer, Annette Kellerman, in the movie Million Dollar Mermaid (1952).   In this scene Kellerman is arrested for indecent exposure because her bathing suit shows too much skin.  She solves the "problem"...
The Million Dollar Mermaid

Esther Williams

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Williams was in around 30 films and hers was one of the top 20 highest grossing films of 1952 (Wikipedia).  She was a phenomenon!

While I was thinking about Hollywood's greatest mermaid, I started thinking about these great mermaid figurines from the 1920's.  I would love a few of these in my powder room!
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I think these are whimsical and kitch and I'm not alone; many of these figures are highly collectible.  I would love a few on my bathroom shelf.

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