Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekend Trip: Viva Las Vegas

This past weekend a group of friends and I went to Vegas to celebrate an upcoming birthday and an anniversary.  We didn't get there until after 10 or 11 Friday night, didn't go to bed 'til after 5, and didn't stop laughing all night.  
Here are a couple of things that are essential for a summer weekend in Vegas.  This isn't everything, of course, but these are some of the things that I either found most useful or that I wish I had remembered to bring.

Vegas Essentials

Vegas Essentials by desertgirls featuring necessities

First up, I brought  my Boscia Super Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm.  I bought this at Sephora at the beginning of the summer, and it was so nice to have it for when I returned to my room after a long night and for in the morning afternoon when I finally woke up.  
On the way to Vegas, I wore a maxi dress- it was perfect for the trip because it was comfortable for the ride and perfect for the hot temperatures that greeted us on the strip.  The dress featured here is from Hobbs.  The python print is perfect for sin city, no?
What I wish that I brought was a little wristlet in addition to the beach bag that I pictured.  I only brought my Kate Spade bag, which was way too big to carry around the casino. I had to fashion my own little mini bag out of what I had- a leather wallet and a gold necklace.  

In a pinch, it worked out beautifully.  I am just so damned resourceful.  I think that would totally get me some kind of badge if I was part of Troop Beverly Hills.  Anyway, a little wristlet, like this one from BCBG would be ideal to carry your room key, i.d., some cash, a lipstick, and some visine.  (All that icky smoke in the casinos kills my eyes!)
BCBG Harlow Mini Envelope Clutch with Wristlet
An eye mask (the one pictured is Chanel) is ideal for those of you who stay out too late drinking gambling exploring.  With the help of the mask and some Advil, you can work off your hangover exploring while you sleep.  And the light from that pesky old sun won't wake you up.
When you finally do wake up the next day, what better way to spend it (actually, shopping is the correct answer here) than poolside?!  A bathing suitbeach bagfloppy hat, some magazines...  Oh, and a great pair of sunglasses are important too.
And how great is this cover up by Lemlem?  I lovelove it.  (Lamelame, I know.  Don't judge.)
Lemlem cover up

The only thing I didn't mention from the collage are the sandals- the color, silver, acts as a neutral and goes with the dress and can be worn poolside.  This will leave plenty of room in your luggage to bring other shoes as needed, for the rest of your wardrobe.  
I brought a versatile pair of shorts that I could easily throw on with one shirt for day and then dress up with a different top for night.  I also brought a couple of dresses for the evening, too.  I wasn't sure exactly what we would be doing, and I wanted to be prepared (that, by the way, should warrant another merit badge from Shelly Long and Troop Beverly Hills).  
I also brought some bottled water and some new biscuits from Nabisco called belVita.  If you haven't tried these yet, you should- they are tasty and pretty healthy and filling, since they are a breakfast biscuit.  (I actually originally tried them because they were labeled "biscuits" and not "cookies," and I am a huge dork and love all kinds of Londony/English things, like biscuits, so I wanted to buy them mainly for that reason.  I am a marketer's dream client, I'm telling you.)
So what are your Vegas essentials?  Anything I didn't include in my little list?  

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