Saturday, July 7, 2012

How Sweet This Is

Crockpot French Onion Soup
from How Sweet It Is
During the winter, I make this ALL. THE. TIME.

Not too long ago, I did a post on some of my favorite tried and true pinterest recipes.  This time, I thought I would share one of my favorite food blogs with you.  This is a blog that I try to keep up with on a regular basis because I know that I am going to consistently find good recipes and/or great writing. 
How Sweet It Is, run by the beautiful Jessica, is up front about having no "formal culinary training, just many mess-ups in the kitchen."  I actually have this blog saved to favorites on my phone, so whenever I am somewhere (Sonic drive thru line, doctor's office, etc.) and find myself with some time to spare, I catch up on all of the craziness going on over there.  When school is in session, the Cat and I tend to find ourselves in the Sonic drive thru line quite a bit during their happy hour.  Can't beat a half price slush!  Anyway.
Over on How Sweet, Jessica comes up with some pretty tasty recipes, and she is very consistent with her posts.  And, as an added bonus, she's funny.  She's a funny gal, that one, talking about her various obsessions and odd habits.
Grilled fontina and blackberry basil sandwiches

Chicken Romano with Lemon Butter sauce
Okay, I'll admit, I haven't tried this one yet,
 but I sure am going to soon!

Mmmm, I made these Sweet Potato and Honey Dinner Rolls for
Thanksgiving, and they were SOOOOOOOO good.  Damn,  Now I'm hungry.
 Okay, so this post could get realllllly long with me putting up picture after picture.  There are just too many.  She does it all, too: drinks, desserts, main dishes, side dishes.  Man, my stomach is growling, but I am going to ignore it and move on.


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