Sunday, July 8, 2012

Favorite Thing: Vintage Pendant

Here is my new pendant in my foyer!  I had wanted an orb fixture here for awhile, but the one I thought I wanted was $120.  Not a bad price at all, but it just wasn't a priority.  I was shopping at The Barn (again) and I came across this vintage light fixture: I loved the light colored glass and brass detail.  It was only $45!  I thought I might have to get it re-wired but I was in luck, it worked perfectly.

 I think the round shape of the pendant perfectly mimics my round entry mirror and demi-lune table.  It is like a beautiful piece of pearl jewelry.  When the light is on, it has a lovely glow.  I love it and it wasn't a compromise; it ended up better than what I had first thought I wanted.

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