Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jane Austen and Fashion etc.

Jane Austen's image via notable biographies
My android ringtone is the theme to Pride and Prejudice(1995 A&E).  I have read almost everything Jane Austen ever wrote.  I am not alone.  Austen is one of the most popular writers ever and that is because she can write a character like no other.  Take a look at these wonderful items inspired by the incomparable Jane Austen.

The perfect gift for the Austen lover:  This gorgeous 5 year journal.

Jane-a-Day: 5 Year Journal
5 year journal Amazon.com $15.29

I need these little notebooks: They are the perfect size to throw in my bag.
Jane Austen Pocket Pads
Mini notebooks Amazon.com $9.95
Just for fun:
jane austen fashion
I swiped this from my friend Cyndee's pinterest board!
Barnes and Noble $8

I think this is a perfectly beautiful image that evokes the tranquil feeling of reading an Austen novel.  
jane austen like
My friend Cyndee pinned this on pinterest.

Jane Austen Stamps
Jane Austen stamp via pinterest

Jane Austen stationary Zazzle.com

For your next book club party, how about these adorable eats!?
 via history press

Jane Austen cookies!
via pinterest

I really like the idea behind this outfit from the blog fashionlit:  
Elinor Dashwood from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.
“Sense will always have attractions for me.”
(Suggested by purpleterpsichore)
via fashion lit

My own modern take on Austen's fashion

Lori gave me this pretty dress and it instantly reminded me that I needed to do an Austin post.  The print on the dress and the sleeve style are perfectly in keeping.  Had I really been thinking, I would have put my hair in a side bun, not pony, for these pictures.  The needlepoint bag couldn't be more appropriate for this look, though.  

The bag and bracelet were thrifted.  

I am a fan, Ms. Austen!  

I want to say thank you to my good friend Cyndee for her ideas I used for this post.  Cyndee is involved in a local chapter of the Austen society.  For all those other Austen enthusiasts, I believe the next conference is forthcoming!  


  1. Hi Rebecca:

    It's very ironic you should post this today; I just got back from Minneapolis for a meeting of JASNA this morning. The subject was "Lady Susan." I always loved Lady Susan; she is my favorite JA villian. Much worse even then Wickham or Lady Catherine or Willoughby. Really nasty woman. Meeting was fun!! The big JASNA meeting this year is in New York City, but next year it's here in Minneapolis, and our group will be hosting!! Would love to see you!!

    I love that JA journal; I think I'm going to have to get one of those!! Anyway, great blog!!!


  2. Hi Cyndee!
    What a coincidence on timing! Sounds like the conference was great...there is just something about a well developed villain, right?
    That journal is awesome, and well priced. I hope you get it!
    I want to go to that next conference and the fact that it will be in NYC makes it even more enticing:)
    Thanks again,



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