Friday, December 7, 2012

Freaky Find Friday: White Elephant Christmas

White Elephant Christma

T shirt / Faux Jeans Lounge Pants / Wallet / Art Glass Bird / Butterflies Reversible Quilted Jacket Matching Tote / Red Shoe Ring Holder / Dachsie with Moxie / Finger Nose Hair Trimmer

I thought it would be fun to do this Friday's Freaky Find holiday style.  All of the fantabulous items you see before you are from Paragon.  Maybe you have that special someone (a lonely aunt?  a deranged neighbor?) on your list who would actually like to receive a cat face purse and cat covered shirt.  Maybe they would love to pair those items with the "faux jeans lounge pants" (complete with fake shredded detailing) and that gorgeous (reversible) quilted jacket.  It does seem rather exotic, what with its obvious nod to the Orient.  And who doesn't need a glittery red shoe a'la   Dorothy for storing and showing off their favorite rings?
But what about the men in your life, you ask?  Well, don't worry- we here at DGV have you covered- the faux jeans are fo everyone, and what crazy old Uncle couldn't use a good nose hair trimmer?  Why not put a little bit of fun in his life and give him a valid excuse to stick his finger up his nose?!
For the dog lover in your life I offer this sassy little dachshund.  She knows where the parties at- she's dressed and ready for anything!
Last but not least, for those on your list who love to hear the warble of the blue jay, why not get them a lovely little glass blown bird with unnaturally spindly, long legs?  He's the Frankenstein of the aviary world.
I hope you've enjoyed my little list of Freaky Finds for the week.  Enjoy your Saturday!

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