Monday, December 31, 2012

Inspiration: Watercolors For Spring

If you are anything like me, as soon as Christmas is over you are looking forward to Spring (as if Winter was almost over instead of just beginning).  Today we even had a few snow flurries here in the high desert, but I am planning for the pretty months anyway.  The big trend for Spring 2013 is watercolors in mostly pastel tones.  I love it!  It is pretty and feminine so what's not to love?  See if you agree...
Glamorous Watercolor Wallpaper by Black Crow Studios Design
This wallpaper is fantastic.  It looks like someone dipped their paintbrush into a bowl of water.
I am coveting a pillow cover like this watercolor silk to freshen up my living room this Spring.

I'm also thinking that my daughter's room needs a gorgeous new lampshade.
I like the idea of swapping out my art for something lighter in the warmer months. 

All watercolor inspired decor need not be sweet;  this room proves it can be rendered in a sophisticated way.
Watercolor ikat at a bargain price.

How about a watercolor inspired palette for a party?  Gorgeous.
This is probably my favorite space with the lavender and emerald green.

So much pretty and still too much time until Spring.  I can plan and be inspired, though, and so can you!

I hope you all have fun and safe New Year's celebrations tonight.


  1. Wow, love all of these images. I'm thinking I might have to get my hands on that Target piece, it's gorgeous!


  2. Do you happen to have the link where I could purchase that target bench?

    Thank you!


    1. Nora, I changed the link and added the name of the bench to make it easier to search. The link goes to the search page of the bench; the actual product page just kept linking up as a picture. Happy hunting! Let us know if you take the plunge :)



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