Monday, December 24, 2012

White Christmas Party: Decorating

Here is the post I have been waiting to do!  I am excited to share with all of you the details that went into this special party for 14 of my friends and family.  I was inspired by many things that I had seen on pinterest and in magazines, but recreated them in my own way see post here.  I have already been asked to do it again next year!  It won't be hard to talk me into it.   

On the mantle I used mercury glass containers with greenery and white flowers.  The bronze deer adds a bit of warmth.  I used animals and natural elements throughout.  I really tried to balance the natural with a bit of sparkle.

I simple strung a piece of white velvet with a few snowflake ornaments and above that, a string of extra crystals.  

The idea to put all these tappers into the fireplace was totally last minute:  I didn't have a spot for them on the table because I needed the space for food but I wanted them somewhere...the fireplace!

My favorite thing about the decorations this year is the branch I (my husband) hung between the two rooms.  It is just large enough to add drama.  I would have liked to add snow to it so that it showed up better at night, but I added snowflake ornaments hanging from it to add a bit of sparkle and reinforce my "White Christmas" theme.
My tree has blue, green, brown, gold, silver and white ornaments this year.  It was more about matching the scheme of my house than anything.  I also added live white roses and more snowflake ornaments.

I hung this branchy and icy looking beaded wreath in front of my large mirror in the dining room.  I really like the affect.
Icicle ornaments and more snowflake ornaments add a lot to my dining room chandelier.  
I couldn't do without my apothecary jars:  A little snow, mini Christmas trees and houses are all I needed for winter wonderland scenes.  I did have white tulips for the party in the vase.  So classic.
This year I really wanted my tree in a basket.  After half a day of trying, my poor husband (who deserves an award) made it happen.  I really love it.  I used brown wrapping paper with gold metallic wood grain and lots of green satin ribbon this year.  I underscored the "White Christmas" theme with woodland elements.  

I have a little table top tree in my kitchen with blue and white mini ceramic ornaments.  I have always wanted a tree in my kitchen!
I got these candle holders from Jo Ann's for 70% off.  They were $3 each!  Wish I could have snagged a few more.

These candle sconces are supposed to hold plates in the center, but I didn't want to do that.  What to do?  I decided to snip a bunch of rosemary from my garden and make simple little wreaths to hang instead. 

I have a collection of Christmas houses that I placed down my hallway on the cupboard top.  I used books to prop them at different heights.  

I think all our guests had a nice time eating and talking between a drink or two.  
As it is Christmas Eve I hope all of you are relaxing or maybe wrapping a few last gifts while enjoying your own gatherings of family and friends.  

Thank you to my friend Kyungmoo Ryu for taking pictures for me!


  1. Lovely, gorgeous home! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Thank you so much Lizzy! A very Merry Christmas to you, too!

  3. Your house looks terrific, love all of your touches and how it all comes together so nicely!


  4. Nora, thank you. I enjoyed it all so much. Merry Christmas to you.




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