Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Crafts I'll Never Make

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They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions...  I say it is paved with unfinished/never started Christmas crafts.  I have friends who are master crafters.  They see something cute and bam!  Next thing you know they have it, and not because they bought it, but because they've made it.  My friend Kim mentioned the other day that she had her nephew over and just for fun she made him a pair of pajama pants really quickly.  Just threw some material on the old sewing machine and whipped out a pair of cozy little pajama bottoms for him to sleep in.
If I wanted to do something like that, it would require serious planning, a trip to the store for supplies, over to my Mom's to use her sewing machine, and then a couple/few hours sitting in my Mom's sewing room watching as she made the pants since inevitably I would screw something up and she'd come over to "help" me.
I often have grandiose ideas about things I am going to do around the house, things I am going to make, things I am going to alter.  Crazy weird kitschy thing from the thrift store?  Oh, I'm going to turn that into a magical treasure that will look fabulous in my family room.
Or, more likely than not, I am going to purchase the weird item and then leave it in my garage for all eternity. It's a sickness.
So I thought I would share with you some of the amazing projects I would love to do, had I the talent, time, and tenacity.  If only I could steal some of Kim's or Rebecca's crafty genes...

I think I could actually handle making this, if I could find the right priced
soda crate!
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I just need one more globe to make one lonely snowman.

I actually had everything I needed to make this: a beautiful
terrarium, a brass sailboat that I purchased on ebay
specifically for this project...  Unfortunately, my terrarium was
at a friend's house when her husband set it outside and it
got smashed by their dogs.  Luckily their dogs were okay, but my little
glass terrarium didn't make it.  Very sad.

image via Emily Henderson

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So how about you?  Any holiday crafts you intended to make but never got around to?


  1. The soda crate one is ADORABLE! I hear ya on prices...my antiquing buddy is always on the hunt for good boxes that are fairly priced and doesn't find one often!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Especially love the terrarium and the soda crate ideas!


  3. Happy Holidays to both of you! I may try to head to one of our local antique stores this weekend to see if I can score a soda crate. Maybe I'll get at least one of the projects made this year!



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