Saturday, December 8, 2012

Preview: Coral 1st Birthday

Today I have a very busy day ahead of me.  In fact, this whole week has been busy because I am helping a friend (along with other friends) get ready for a huge 1st birthday celebration.  The color scheme is coral and the options limitless.  The mom and dad of the birthday girl have rented a banquet room on a golf course for the event, so we have a lot of space to make beautiful.  I couldn't find any containers that I liked for all the table centerpieces, so I decided to buy cheap terracotta containers and spray paint them coral.  Not only coral, but I found this sparkly spray paint to layer over the top of the coral for a super pretty and girly affect.  We couldn't find any coral colored roses today either (of course) so we decided to do a range of sherbet pinks and oranges.  I will post pictures of the event on Monday!!!  Have a great weekend everyone.

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