Friday, June 22, 2012

DIY: Bunny Cake Stand

White rabbit cupcake stand.
I wanted this bunny cake stand from Pottery Barn for my daughter's "Alice in Wonderland" birthday.  This was weeks before Easter.  I thought that if I waited this $50 beauty would go on sale, but it sold out before Easter came.  What was I to do?  I wanted that cake stand!!!  

Target had this bunny for $9.  I snagged one to make...

my bunny platter.  My husband cut the ears down flat.  He saw that it was hollow so he found a solution.  

He filled a ramekin (used for dip) with epoxy(PL Premium) and leveled it on the bunny ears.  The ramekin allowed for more surface area for the plate to stick to the bunny ears.  Then he attached a plate to the ramekin filled with PL Premium.  
After the PL Premium had set (around 2 days)  I spray painted the whole thing with glossy white spray paint made for ceramics.  That made it look like one piece.  
All finished and ready for the cake!
For around $13 I have an amazing bunny cake stand that I can re-use for Easter.  I even like it better than the one Pottery Barn sold out of and I saved a lot of money.



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