Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Lori's Dad
I LOVE this picture of my Dad; look how cute he is!  The word scamp comes to mind.  I am not sure where this was taken, but I love how he is playfully looking into the camera like that.  

I am really fortunate; my Dad has always been there for me.  He is a fantastic Mr. Fix-It. He is a wonderful Boompa.  (He wanted to be Granddad, but when I was pregnant, I watched the movie Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation.  In this funny Jimmy Stewart movie, the bratty grandson calls Stewart "Boompa" rather than Granddad.  I started calling my Dad that as a joke, and it stuck.  And it is perfect for him.)

This video is a great example of him being a fantastic Boompa.

Another great example.

My brother and Dad have had a long standing joke, where they call each other "Scum-Sucking Sons of a Motherless Goat."  A Father's day gift arrived in the mail the other day; look who it was addressed to!
Happy Father's day, Dad! 

Rebecca's Dad
I just love this picture of my dad on his tricycle with his cowboy hat!  He looks just like my little brother Matthew here too.
I have learned so much from my dad:  I have learned how to work hard, how to think my way around problems, and that family is the most important thing in the world.  Thanks Dad.
With his mom and younger sister.  
My dad used to love his cars.  He even built my first car for me.
I love this picture because my dad is so handsome and because he is wearing the worst shirt that my mom made him...he hates it but he is still smiling.
Yup, that's little ol' me.  

My best early memories are of my dad playing his guitar and singing to us.
I love you Daddy!

My Husband

 Ty is the best father I could want for my children.  He changed diapers and got up with them at night.  He plays with them and cries when they do something cute.  I am so fortunate.

Happy Father's Day dad and Ty!

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