Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Sunset Limited

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The Sunset Limited
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I have watched "The Sunset Limited" Three times now.  I hope I get to watch it three more times.  I like the play written by Cormac McCarthy for many reasons: It deals with universal human topics including religiosity, sin, humanities relationships toward one another and God, and the frailty of the human condition.  If you are interested in this conversation then prepare yourself for this HBO production directed by Tommy Lee Jones.  Jones also stars in the movie along with Samual L. Jackson.  Their performances are top notch but remember that it is a movie production of a play.  Don't expect any fancy action scenes etc.  There is one set and two actors; that is all.  If that doesn't bother you, then you will also find this movie worth your while.
Without ruining the movie for you, (not that I could) the plot involves an atheist professor who has decided to take his own life by jumping off the platform at a train station into the tracks of an oncoming train, the "Sunset Limited."   His attempt is foiled when an ex- convict saves his life and takes him to his apartment for a serious talk...

Unless you have something much better to do this summer, I beg you to watch this!  I don't think you will regret it.

On a lighter note, how about some seriously glamorous vintage train-travel fashion?

 Even if your mind is in a whirl of existential thoughts, or a bad-guy is trailing you, or you are tragically in love, why not look terrific as you step aboard (or fall off) a train near you??
Cary Grant in "North by North West"
Cary Grant has a problem which requires him to skulk around this train, but doesn't
 he look fantastic?

In this Hitchcock movie, Suspicion, the scene where Grant and Fontaine's characters first meet is on a train.  It is obvious that he is no good but how can she help herself?  
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One of my favorite Hitchcock movies is Shadow of a Doubt.  Joseph Cotton is dashing and dangerous; he tries to throw his niece off a train because she knows too much...but, oh my, he looks nice!
Funny Face
One of the most beautiful pictures from a movie about taking pictures.  Here Fred Astaire sets the scene of a tragic romance for Hepburn's character but he fails to realize that what he says is true.  Just look at her: sadness is written on her face but she is dressed impeccably, so things can't be all that bad.

This Vogue shoot with Sean Combs and Natalia Vodianova perfectly captures that retro, romantic, train-travel vibe.  
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via Vogue

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Don't jump!  I love your train case!!!

Ah, so much glamour.  But I do hope you will give "The Sunset Limited" a look!

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