Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY: Wrapped Hangers

Last week, the Cat and I took a day trip to Santa Monica for a little bit of shopping and relaxing.  We had a little walking picnic (the park overlooking the beach was taped off with workers cleaning it) and then walked down to 3rd Street Promenade.  We did some real shopping and some window shopping, but it was while we were window shopping that I saw these cool hangers in the store Brandy Melville.  I like going in this store just for the set up and look of it; they have a lot of cute stuff, but nothing that is really my style.  I did really like what they had done with the metal hangers that were in use all over the store.
See?  Not just your boring, ordinary metal hanger- these had a cool factor, because they are wrapped in material.  some were completely wrapped up neatly, some were haphazardly done.  Whatever; both ways, the Cat and I liked them, and I thought it would be a fun little project.
I was planning on using some old clothes that were set to be donated to the Salvation Army, but, as luck would have it, my friend Kim (photographer extraordinaire), and her sister, aunt, and daughter were headed down to L.A.'s garment district, and they invited me along.  I had been to the fashion district before, but had never explored the garment district.  It was pretty cool; they got what they needed, and at Michael Levine's loft space, I got what I needed: a bag of  fabric remnants for $2.50 a pound.  I think my loot cost me all of $2.27.

Like my "scarf"?!  It's a fabric remnant that had some stretch to it.
(I've got some crazy eyes here!)
Here's my crazy friend, Kerri, wearing the Rambo headband I bought for her at the loft.
You can see that we like taking pictures of ourselves wearing various pieces of cloth.
When I got home, I grabbed one of the metal hangers that my last dry cleaning piece came home on, and I got to work.  This is a super easy project.  All you need are hangers (they don't have to be metal; I also used a plastic one), strips of fabric, and a hot glue gun (with glue sticks, of course).  You probably could make these without the use of the glue gun, if you want the more haphazard look.

So, like I said, this project is super easy.  Cut, rip, or tear your chosen fabric into strips.  Starting at the top of the hanger, place a little drop of hot glue on the tip of the hanger and place the end of the fabric into the glue.  Don't burn your fingers!  Start wrapping; periodically place a dot of glue on the hanger to keep the fabric in place.  Continue all the way around the hanger.  Tuck remaining fabric and secure with some hot glue.  Done!
I decided to use an old scarf of the Cat's (it had a hole in it) on a little plastic hanger.
Star scarf- I literally just ripped this into a few strips, glued,
wrapped, glued, wrapped, done!

Done!  Easy and cute.




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