Saturday, August 24, 2013

Food Trip

Yesterday my friend Suzie, her daughter, the Cat and I went to L.A. for another food run.  We also threw in a trip to the Time Travel Mart (we went to the one in Echo Park last time; this time it was on Venice Boulevard), but really, the primary reason for this trip was because I'd found a place that sells dole whips.
So our plan of attack was to go to the Time Travel Mart first. I have to say, I really love 826LA.  I wish I lived closer to one of their locations so that I could be more involve with their program.
This little robot guy, who reminds me of Oz, was just one of the cool details in the store.
After we were done playing in the store and getting decorating ideas for my classroom, we headed over to Joans on Third for dinner.  Both Suzie and I wanted the croque monsieur, which we got, but they were out of sourdough and it had to be made on rye.  It was still delicious, as was the salted caramel ice cream we all shared after.  I may have also bought a couple of macarons and a pretzel croissant.  These things are just too delicious to pass up.
After Joans, we walked across the street to Magnolia Bakery to get some banana bread pudding.  We were smart this time and brought a cooler to keep all this food from spoiling.  We got this to go and headed down the street for some impromptu shopping.
Our last stop was supposed to be Whipp'd LA for our dole whips, but as we were driving down Melrose, we spotted the most beautiful plant shop EVER.  And even though it was almost 10 o'clock at night, they were still open.  Here's what I love about Suzie- she did a U-turn so we could go check it out.  It was so worth it.  It is absolutely gorgeous, the people who helped us were just lovely, and I got a beautiful fern for a steal.  And, to top it all off, they had fiddle leaf ferns.  When they get a smaller one in, they are going to call me so I can pick it up.  Hooray!
image via

image via Moe's Flowers
image via Moe's 
If you ever find yourself on Melrose near Moe's, I highly recommend popping in and looking around, even if you aren't in the market for any plants.  Their selection is amazing, their prices are fair, and the staff is so nice.  It is definitely worth visiting!
I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday!  I've got ten million things to do that I'm never going to get done if I don't get moving!
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