Monday, August 5, 2013

Out of Print and The Incorrigible Children

Jane Eyre book cover t-shirt
When my husband and I were recently vacationing near the coast I went exploring in a local book store and found these really great t-shirts.  I had to have the Jane Eyre one (It is my favorite book and I even wrote my thesis on it) and when I went online to check out the website I found many more items that I would love to own, including the "Poe-ka-dot" pouch--how funny is that!

Out of Print t-shirts

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn / Alice in Wonderland / Pride and Prejudice / Moby Dick book cover t-shirt | Outofprintclothing.com / Goodnight Moon book cover bodysuit | Outofprintclothing.com / Poe-ka Dots / Jane Eyre canvas pouch | Outofprintclothing.com
Another store that I came across carried these books, "The Incorrigible Children."  The front cover caught my eye because it is just so adorably illustrated.  I have never read one of them but maybe you could tell me if they are as good as the front covers?  They seem to be in the same vein as Lemony Snicket's "Unfortunate Events" books; that's my guess anyway.

We arrived back from our beach vacation yesterday and we are about ready to start back to work and school.  My daughter is starting kindergarten on Thursday(sniff sniff) and she wants to go help daddy in his classroom today.  I am going to take the opportunity to spend a nice day with my son.  He has requested BJ's Restaurant for lunch.  Anyway, I hope you all have a nice day!

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