Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Need a Little Space

Since my summer is officially officially over today (mandatory meetings), I have been thinking, obviously, about going back to work.  I went in to the classroom again yesterday and got some stuff done.  I will admit that I procrastinated and visited with friends for the better part of yesterday morning.  But I did get up a partial decoration for one of my walls, and I got my computer/projector/document camera all set up.
Naturally, as I am going to soon be knee deep in papers to grade, I have been thinking about cozy and/or fabulous office spaces.  My own office was the first room I completely decorated in my house, but now it is undergoing some changes, and I thought I'd share some beautiful (finished) spaces with you today.
image via A Place for us to Dream
I tried to find the original source on this tumblr for the image, but, alas, the link was broken.
image via All Things Girly& Beautiful
Lovely- especially because I still want a fiddle leaf fig.  And darn it all, now I'm going to need two- one for the office and one for the family room.
image via Mix and Chic

image via Paris Nights and New York Lights
image via Paris Nights and New York Lights
Honestly, I'm not crazy about the color on that chair, but there are other elements of this office space that I love; namely the framed out wallpaper panels.  And the art.
Well, that is it for me today.  I have lesson plans to write and a classroom to destroy set up.

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  1. Love these spaces- so gorgeous.
    Good luck with back-to-school prep! :)


  2. Wow these are the most adorable spaces I've seen lately....thanks for sharing!


    1. You are most welcome, Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by!



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