Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Minor Obsession: Zebra

I have long been a fan of leopard print, whether it's shoes, accessories, or even a coat (I still regret not buying the perfect leopard print coat I saw last year at Forever 21, of all places, and that the one I ordered from Asos just didn't work).  I love my leopard print loafers so much, in fact, that after just over a year they are already wearing out- the calf hair is rubbing off in certain places.  I have a pair of kitten heels in the leopard print (how apropos, right?!) that I now wish I had purchased two of (poor grammar- don't care!), and I am still on the lookout for a replacement pair of leopard loafers.  While looking for those, though, I came upon these Vince Camuto zebra loafers that are pretty damn fabulous.
I really kind of love them.  They are $225, which is more than I want to spend on cotton zebra print loafers, but still.  I do already have a little pair of slip on zebra print shoes, but they are more like ballet flats, and they just aren't as fantastic as these.
While I do not think these would become the neutral that I view my leopard print shoes as, I could definitely see myself putting these babies into heavy rotation in my closet.   Now if only Vince Camuto would make them available on the website.  Oh, and if they lowered the price.  A lot.
Oh well.  I hope your week is off to a great start!  I am in training all day.  After a later than usual school night (because of an impromptu outing to a Sheryl Crow concert at the local fair), I am sure to be nodding off throughout the day.  Oh well.  If I fall asleep during the training, maybe I will dream about these shoes!

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