Sunday, August 18, 2013

What I'm Loving: Plaid

The Cat and I were at the mall a little while ago when she came up to me with a plaid shirt straight out of my high school days and asked if she could try it on.  She then proceeded to tell me that she had this vision of an outfit in her head, and had been wanting to recreate it for some time now- it involves an edgy tank, torn jeans, and a plaid shirt tied at the waist.  When she tried it on and showed me, I mentioned that it looked cute; it was a little nineties-grunge.  She grinned and informed me that was exactly the look she was going for.
It always amazes me how even kids can be so up on fashion.  Had she seen this trend in the magazines or on tv?  No- she had been watching older episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix, among other nineties television gems, and had decided that was a look worth updating.  I know she hadn't seen it anywhere recently, because when I later showed her a new magazine touting the plaid nineties grunge look to be in for fall, she was ecstatic that she had put together an outfit, on her own, that was quite reminiscent of the spread that I showed her.
My kid is awesome.
So is plaid, and I'm glad it's back in for fall.  I love a good plaid in the classic style, as it just screams fall, but I also like that this fall's plaids are a little more edgy and fun.
image via

See?!  Such a classic!
image via
In the past, I've belted white shirts, blue shirts, and chambray shirts over dresses; I love the idea of belting an over-sized plaid shirt over a simple dress.  I think this would be an easy way to play up the plaid trend.

Buy it here- Revolve Clothing
I love the gold studs on the pockets- such a fun update!  Plus, I love pairing plaid shirts with more structured pencil skirts (my Banana Republic one is still MIA, but will hopefully get here soon).  

Ralph Lauren jacket- view it here

I love this look.  I love the jacket, which is Ralph Lauren, I love the shoes, I love the scarf... Oh, how I love that scarf!

Ralph Lauren

I am pretty sure I need this oil cloth jacket in my closet. It would go with everything, and the plaid lining is perfect.
Ralph Lauren Plaid Poncho

There was a time when I didn't like this type of poncho. I just wasn't really a fan. It's kind of odd, since I have always loved swing coats, capes, and capelets, and they are really similar to this style, but I was just never really on board with the whole poncho thing. But I recently purchased one (it just looked so comfy!) and now apparently I am totally on board, because I would love to add this to my wardrobe as well.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Happy Sunday.

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