Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Flower Recipe Book/ Fall Arrangement DIY

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One place my husband and I like to go on date nights is Barnes and Noble.  I know this sounds really funny but it is so nice to sit in quiet and scan new books and magazines without the kids around.  One book I recently came across is this "The Flower Recipe Book."  It is brilliant and would make a really perfect gift. There are step by step instructions for numerous arrangements and floral projects.  So often I gain inspiration by just looking at a gorgeous arrangement but I'm not exactly sure how to re-create it or the number of stems it requires.  This book takes the guess work out of the process.  
I was trained in floral design while in high-school and I still love to work with flowers; it's one of my very favorite things to do for parties or just to enjoy everyday.  Even if you have never worked with flowers I feel confident that this book will make you a pro!
I don't have this awesome book yet (I am going to order it this weekend, though) but last week I decided to try a more free form arrangement (very popular right now) with a fall feel and show you step-by-step what I did.  Take a look!

 I purchased my flowers from our local grocer so they were very affordable.  This is the perfect way to have fresh flowers in your home on a regular basis.  
 This style of arranging should look a bit off-kilter.  It makes it feel more natural and interesting.  I used 4 stems of "Queen Anne's Lace" to create the line.  I could also have used branches.
 Next I used large leaves (not sure of the name here) to hide the ugly frog and to create some fullness and then placed three stems of geranium for color.
 Then I clipped a few olive branches from my tree out back to add in a bit more fullness but be sure not to go against the shape of the Queen Anne's Lace too much.
There you have it!  Super easy and it didn't require many stems because it is a one-sided arrangement.  I placed it on my desk in the office/library because I love the colors against my charcoal walls.
Happy Saturday everyone!

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